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Selecting the right  tenant can make a huge difference to your property's return on investment. Hunt's tenant screening helps you make the best decision.

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Credit Reports

Our comprehensive credit report will help you find tenants who are likely to pay rent reliably. You'll receive a full credit report, with credit score, any outstanding loans or debt, and more.

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Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Know about any criminal history upfront. Our tenant screening includes national criminal checks sourced from millions of records.

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Eviction History

Know who has been a great tenant in the past, and who hasn't. We scan eviction records nationwide so you can feel confident in picking a great tenant.

Included in Tenant Screening

Full Credit Report

  • Address history
  • Employment history
  • Public records
  • Key factors Credit age and utilization, hard credit inquiries, derogatory marks, etc.
  • Financial summary Available credit and monthly payments.
  • Accounts and trade lines Including monthly payment history.

Background Checks

  • Identity verification
  • National criminal search
  • County criminal search
  • Eviction history search
  • Terrorist watchlist search
  • Sex offender search

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tenant screening cost?

Tenant screening is free for landlords. We charge each applicant $45 for the rental application, which includes comprehensive tenant screening reports, which won't affect their credit scores and can be shared with multiple landlords at no extra charge.

How's your tenant screening different from other offerings?

There're two advantages to our screening service. First, it does not lower a tenant's credit score. Since applicants request their own credit report and then share it with you, the process is considered a soft inquiry. Second, if you don't accept any applicants as tenants, they can still share their application with other landlords at no extra charge. This can increase your application volume, while tenants can save money.

Who pays for tenant screening?

We charge each applicant $45 when they apply. That covers our cost for procuring the credit report and background check.

Where does your credit data come from?

We generate credit reports in real-time, with data provided by TransUnion.